My Second Choice

Now that you know my buddy James and his opinion on my life for Nike I thought I would level the playing field a little bit and give me opinion on the number 2 best shoes out there, which is most certainly not Under Armour.

I do love their clothes though and will be the first one to admit it, but when it comes to their shoes there is just something about them that I cannot get on board with.

The Second Place Winner Is…

I don’t know what it is about Reebok and their brand, but I do really respect and like what they do. I have only owned a couple of pairs throughout my life (before I was committed to Nike, of course) but the ones that I did have lasted me longer than I thought they would and they were very comfortable.

I kind of like Reebok because they are almost a rogue shoe brand at this point and you don’t hear much from them anymore. Addidas and other brands still continue to make themselves stand out and up to Nike but Reebok kind of seems to be doing their own thing and if you like them great, if not you can move on to other choices.

I like when companies don’t go out of their way to be really in your face and aggressive and so for those reasons, Nike Free Run tips their hats off to Reebok.

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Can’t Change Some People

After hearing my buddy James’ side of his argument thoroughly and fully, I have realize that you just can’t change peoples’ minds on certain things and this is one of them.

I genuinely do not understand what he doesn’t understand about skateboard grip tape being TWICE AS ROUGH as asphalt on a roof. Do I need to get my skateboard out of my attic and prove this James??

I’m Just As Bad

I know I am sounding like a huge hypocrite right now because there is no way in hell that anyone could change my opinions and views on Nike but this is my Free Run Outlet now isn’t it?!

Being the hypocrite that I am, I went to the internet to get a general consensus as far as Under Armour shoes go and just like I thought, most people think they suck.

I mean come on…

Just As I Thought

I found a Reddit thread that was dedicated specifically to Under Armour Shoes Vs. Nike and just like I thought I was going to read, the vast majority of people share my opinion that these are just watered down Nikes.

James of course tried to justify this by saying that people are just following trends and are only into Nike because of the huge name it has made for itself.

Gee James, you don’t think they have made such a name for themselves because of how amazing and successful they are??

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No Chance

The last few posts I have been talking about a friend of mine named James arguing with me about whether Nike or Under Armour make better shoes, specifically for blue collar work. Even more specifically for working on roofs.

I mentioned briefly before that I used to work for a gutter company back in the day during college to pay the bills and I kept in touch with one good friend I made there. I don’t even know how the subject came up but we started arguing about whether Nike or Under Armour make better shoes for doing this kind of work.


As I am sure you can guess, I obviously think Nike is the much better choice especially if you go with their SB (skateboarding) line. These shoes were designed to hold strong against the grip tape on a skateboard and for anyone who has never felt it before, it is real rough and will eat a normal pair of shoes up in under an hour.

His Current & My Past Work

So right now my buddy works at this place called Elite Gutter Co. and pretty much everything he does for them is done on the roofs of people houses.

I think this is a perfect job and comparison to what I was saying because shingles on a roof are actually very similar to what grip tape on a skateboard feels like. For whatever reason James doesn’t believe me when I tell him how rough grip tape in on a skateboard and thinks that roofs do way more damage but it really isn’t true, and your shoes definitely don’t get worn out in the same way.

Right now James’ job consists mostly of him putting on gutter guards on peoples’ homes and cleaning them out. He’s kind of an idiot and is really bad at doing any of the heavy duty stuff where you have to actually use tools but he is a pretty good gutter cleaner, I will give him that. So even though James might spend most of his time on a roof against the asphalt, I know for a fact he really doesn’t do any of the heavy duty lifting or the harder work that goes along with actually wearing out your shoes.

You Just Can’t Compare Them

Not only does skateboarding tear up the soles of your shoes more, you have to slide the side of your foot up the board and along the grip tape in order to do anything at all which destroys the sides of the shoes as well.

I don’t know how else I can explain this to him. The SB’s were specifically designed to withstand this kind of use and Under Armour was not. There is simply no contest between the two and Nike Free Run is going to rest my case with this right now.

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More Under Armour

That buddy of mine that I used to work with back in the day won’t let this little Under Armour thing go and I will concede a little bit here and actually admit that he was making some good points.

Don’t worry, Nike will always have the number 1 place in my heart and that will never change. There will never be a shoe or any other company that will ever overtake Nike as far as I am concerned and I don’t think many people can argue against it.

 Slowly Creeping Up

I will give credit where it is due however. Check out this wiki page on Under Armour and read some on the background of the company. I will admit that it is pretty impressive how massive Under Armour has gotten, considering the company didn’t even start until 1996.

Nike came out in 1964 and was kind of the first major shoe company of its kind so it isn’t that much of a surprise how huge they are today. I am sure a lot of people who got Nike when it first came out just kind of learned to love them and they hold a sort of sentimental value to a lot of people like me.

A lot of my love for Nike comes because I have always worn them and they remind me a lot of growing up and all the great times I have had in them.

I myself have never actually tried any model of Under Armour shoes and probably never will. I’ll get into some details my friend has been trying to shove down my throat tomorrow in regards to the shoes and his job.

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Not A Shut Out

I can’t imagine many people would disagree that the Fat Tire shoes that Under Armour came out with are absolutely horrific looking (click here if you missed it). I kind of sounded a little arrogant in that last post against my friend and for that, I apologize. I do respect Under Armour and a lot of the things that they have come out with over the years but when it comes to shoes, Nike takes the cake with a landslide victory.

I’ll Give Them the Clothes

For the most part, everything that I respect and love about Nike has to do with their shoes. I do rock out a lot of their clothes and hats and stuff, but it’s just because I love Nike and not really because I love the quality of their clothes. Don’t get me wrong, Nike still has some great clothes and products but my passion for them is pretty much all about the shoes and the athletes they sponsor.

That being said, I will definitely give it to my friend that the quality and actual use for Under Armour’s clothes probably are a better choice than Nike.

That sounds sacrilegious for me to say but I want to keep it fair and honest here at NikeFreeRun and I will admit it when someone makes a good point or argument against Nike. I actually like having some friendly and healthy debate, it usually just reinforces my beliefs.

Especially when talking about how ugly those Fat Tire shoes are…

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Nike VS Under Armour

Round 1

Alright so I don’t think there is much competition or much that needs to be said about which company is bigger and better between Nike and Under Armour.

Sure, Nike has been around for a lot longer of a time and is just a much larger company as a whole but I think they are better quality as well. I think I might be a slight bias in my opinions when it comes to other companies trying to compare to Nike but I justify this by just explaining to people that I love Nike because they are the best shoes in the world and not the other way around.

So as a whole and for what I am calling round 1 of this little battle I am going to give this one to Nike.

Round 2

Remember one of my posts from a few days ago when I talked about a job I had as a gutter cleaner when I was in college? If you don’t want to look back then here it is if you don’t remember.

I met a lot of great friends when I worked here and one especially I kept in touch with over the years and he is the reason I am bringing any of this Under Armour discussion up.

He just bought a pair of one of the newer models that Under Armour came out with called Fat Tire. Check them out.

For one, these are ugly as all hell in my opinion. I at least like that they called them “Fat Tire” so they are kind of admitting they are fat and ugly but these are too much for me. He claims these are the single most durable and most comfortable “sports shoes” to work in and swears by them.

I kind of trailed off here so I’ll have the results and go into more detail in the next day or two!


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Alright Back to Nike

Entire NFL?

Over the last few posts I have been talking about the different endorsements that Nike has had and the impact it has on both the company and the entire industry. Needless to say, Nike has become much more than just a shoe company and has taken over multiple facets of many industries, especially in the world of sports.

I was curious about what else Nike sponsors in addition to the few that I talked about on here and what I found was shocking for me at first but then after thinking about it I can’t say that I am surprised.

Apparently Nike is the official sponsor of the entire NFL. That means every single uniform for every single team is made by and carries the Nike logo on them. Now I have watched quite a lot of football in my day and I have to admit that I have never even noticed this. How big does a company have to be to be on every single uniform for every team member that plays?

Now these players make millions of dollars a year individually. I can’t even comprehend the amount of money coming in for these companies. All this talk about money is just over my head and I can’t fathom how I would go about spending that kind of money.

But that’s why we love Nike here at NikeFreeRun!

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Made To Last

Now that you know a little bit about me and skateboarding in my past, I figured I would talk a little bit more about it today here on NikeFreeRun.


Does any of this sound fun?

Well it isn’t and this is what I did during college before I got my degree. I still can’t believe I did this kind of work but I did and it paid the bills.

The reason I bring this up at all is because working on roofs and buildings absolutely tears shoes apart. Think about how rough a roof is and walking up and down them for your job every day.

Well my shoes lasted longer than anyone else I worked with because I always wore my old skateboarding Nike shoes which are built to withstand hours and hours of grip tape all day long tearing away at them.

Still Wear Them Today

Even at the age that I am at, I still wear Nike skateboarding shoes a lot of the time I am out. Kind of my running around shoes and I never have to worry about them getting torn up.

For anyone who has never touched a skateboard, the black grip tape on the top of them is rough. Very rough and in order to do anything on a skateboard you need to slide your foot sideways up the entire board and kick as hard as you can in all sorts of directions.

Needless to say this has its effect on shoes and Nike SBs were made to last.

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More Skateboarding

Back when I was in 6th grade and all the way up to my junior year of high school, skateboarding was my entire life. I loved everything about it and lived in a fantasy world, dreaming of the one day I would break into the professional world of skateboarding, become famous, and retire at the age of 30 having dominated the entire world and every other skater that tried to come across me.

This dream eventually died obviously, having broke my left foot 3 times and my right foot 2 times I decided it was time to hang up the board before I end up doing damage that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I am already starting to feel the aches and pains in my feet on days that I spend the majority standing up or walking around.

Back to Nike

Well after touching on skateboarding yesterday, I wanted to follow up a little bit because I can’t help it. Skateboarding will always have a special place in my heart and I love what Nike is doing to the industry. Now that you know they have some of the biggest names in skateboarding riding on the team, they have supplied a warehouse skate facility exclusively for these team members to train and practice in.

This goes back to my post on athletes and Nike being an iconic name. Even for something that isn’t as popular as the bigger major sports, Nike goes all out to ensure they remain at the top of it. More Nike to follow here!

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I’m assuming pretty much anyone reading my post from yesterday about Tiger Woods and Nike having iconic names representing their brand knew exactly who Tiger is and the major impact he has had on Nike as a whole. This goes for Michael Jordan as well and any other mega start athlete that these companies sign deals with. The amount of money given to these athletes just to wear the name is absolutely mind boggling and no one who wears the Nike name is anything short of an icon.

Nike Does it All

For any of you who aren’t in love with Nike as much as I am you might not be aware that they offer a whole skateboarding line as well and the same goes for these extreme sport athletes as well.

I don’t know how much money is given to these professional skateboarders and it is undoubtedly way less than anything they would pay someone like Jordan or Tiger Woods, but I know they must be taking care of them.

I used to skateboard back in my day and still follow it to some degree and can say that the skateboarders that Nike takes on their team are nothing short of icons in their own right. Names like Shane O’Neal and Paul Rodriguez mean a lot in the skateboarding world and they are up to Nikes standards when it comes to athleticism.

Nike skips no corners when it comes to people who represent their brand and I love that they know they can do this.

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